About Us

Our company provides professional services in the articles trade and equipment, specialized technical assistance, web design services and supporting the study and creation of image and communication companies. We have a technical team of specialists, with years of proven experience in the industry and motivated for an implementation of excellence. The access of users to browse and find will promote a greater availability of time and saving of  resources, since the services will be the responsibility of specialized technical staff and fully available for the tuition of each job. The economic reality of business, families, and by a direct consequence of the students, is translated into a reality of cost containment. Procurar e Encontrar will respond to this reality by offering customized solutions for each trade target: enterprises, individuals and student population. Procurar e Encontrar, through an innovative solution and fully differentiated from existing standards, offer to develop a custom job and adapted to the needs of customers, so that they only concern themselves with the use of equipment, because the technical assistance will treat all the rest. Our focus is and will be the customer, based on the assumption that each client is unique.


Our Mission

The main mission of Procurar e Encontrar is to be recognized as an innovative company and even the best supplier of
products and services in the area of informatics, directed to a broad range of customers, from institutional to private individuals, with the noble aim of exceeding the expectations of our customers, regardless of their type.

Our Vision

The vision of Procurar e Encontrar is a dynamic commercial with standards of excellence in service to our customers, improving processes, human skills and professionals, as well as provide the appreciation of our employees.


The activity of Procurar e Encontrar is based on the following principles and values:

  • Commitment to the customer;
  • Ethics of commitment with the results;
  • Services geared to the real needs of their clients;
  • Referral of cases entered into sections: information technology, telecommunications, software, hardware, accessories, among others;
  • Distinction and impairment in the execution of services;
  • Excellence service;
  • Care and referral of cases clearly and objectively, with high standards of transparency and professional ethics;
  • Quality of marketed products;
  • Meet and refer customers in a personalized way, having always as a guideline a clear approach to achieving an efficient and effective execution;
  • Construction of a reference of social and economic point of view, for the region where Procurar e Encontrar is headquartered, thus contributing to the development of this region, adapted to their size;
  • Promotion of continuous improvement at the level of the working process and the relationship with the customer;
  • Commitment to the enhancement and main tenance of an image of strong credibility, based on the principles of business ethics;
  • Creation and establishment of an empathetic relationship with customers.
Quality Policy

The quality policy of Procurar e Encontrar is based essentially on the following grounds:

  • The superior performance of competition is the key to a stable leadership and competitive in the market, compromising the interests of commercial partner of the customers of seek and find, employees and suppliers;
  • The service excellence is without a shadow of a doubt the central point of all actions, generating a culture of awareness and effective involvement with all customers, without this a driving factor in optimizing the results achieved;
  • The creativity and continuous learning of the team of seek and find, plus your qualification and independence, ensuring the continuous improvement process, the effective sharing of knowledge based on best practices;
  • All activities of the search and find are focused on customers and processes. Customer satisfaction with the products and services offered by search and find, as well as its brand loyalty, fall as a factor mesurável its degree of success;
  • The organizational behavior of seek and find is oriented toward partnerships with suppliers, business partners and other organizations. In this way, the relations of sustainable business, which stand out for their mutual benefit.



The SoftManagement is a management software developed to think in small and medium sized enterprises.

With the objective of simplifying the operations of these companies, the SoftManagement was designed with an interface extremely simple and intuitive, which will significantly improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

The SoftManagement offers in its basic version a set of features that enable efficient management of commercial
components and financial management of a company.


Wintouch Restoration

WINTOUCH Restoration, is now a reference in the solutions available in the market to the areas of Catering, Bakery, Bars, Discos, Catering and management F&b.

As a key aspect of this solution is the ease of use that can eliminate long lead times for training.

Offering a Frontoffice Intuitive, fast and complete, this solution is 100% interlinked with the other components of the ERP Wintouch offering the most complete system on the market.

Wintouch Retail

WINTOUCH Retail is a complete system of management granted to root to respond to various types of retail sale. Together with the ERP Wintouch, provides companies with a complete and comprehensive, covering the most diverse areas of business; it is also a tool adaptable to various dimensions of companies.



A reference in the software market of commercial management.

Its high performance, allowing a total control over the management, associated with a great ease in use and installation, make this software the most suitable for micro and small enterprises.

Customer Module Connector with business data, including URL, date of birth, trade discount; simple listings, information and products per customer; maps of control of collections, of age of balances, cash-flow forecast, discharging the VAT, Withholding Tax for declaration of the IRS and statements; diary of movements; balance sheets; current accounts; export data; statistics.

The Control Panel summary analysis of the financial situation of the company at every moment – Analysis of invoicing, purchasing and treasury, compared with the same period of the previous year; Ranking of debts of customers – view of the total invoice value and the balance on current account; Ranking of debts to suppliers – visualization of the total invoice value and the balance on current account; Control of stocks and orders – Analysis of total in all warehouses and analysis of open orders; Printing of all the information; Graphics, with the possibility of configuration by the user.


ZSRest, ZSPOS, ZSMobile
We have several software products developed entirely by us for the restoration and drinks, trade in general and disabled.
Our products are fast, with a simple configuration and open, without hidden options. All of them are supported by SQL databases, robust, relational and with proven success in the whole world. The connection to these databases is native, direct and fast, not being necessary facilities of third parties.


Advanced Security for Your Home, Business, Shop, Smartphone…



With the GLS your orders are in good hands!



We are dedicated to the sale of computer equipment of occasion, new and semi-new, compact computers, servers, laptops, monitors, printers, accessories, components, etc…



Products in the area of printing, stationery and computers.

Printerman is a company dedicated to the sale of various products connected to the area of printing with emphasis on ink and toner recycling.

Printerman does not sell only supplies recycled.

Has a comprehensive range of products you may delete all those regular needs avoiding buy in more than one supplier, thus saving on administrative costs and service.