Make repairs several computer, diagnose problems, virus removal, installation and reinstallation of Operating System, etc…

Maintenance and support in all kind of computer equipment.

Mobile workshop with minor repairs to the home. We will seek your equipment for repair and returned to deliver it in time and place to match, at the end of repaired.


Copy center, bookbindings, laminates…


We do recovery of old photos.



We create websites and pages on various social networks, which can make the management of same by itself.


Sales of new and used, assembly of computers to measure and budget.

Sale of Software, Hardware, Smartphones, Laptops, etc…


The training room, given its commitment to quality, will use the service professional, personal and attentive to the needs of our potential customers.


Corporate Image, logo, stationary material (letterhead, etc…)

The stamps.

Make business cards.


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